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Ryzen 1700x & Linux Stability

For a while, I’ve had issues with my linux desktop becoming unstable and locking up. The only solution being to reboot it. Now this is not ideal when running a Plex server and your daughter is trying to watch Frozen. That qualifies as a SEV-1 incident for the kids.

For reference, I’m running the Ryzen 7 1700X with a B350-F Gaming motherboard and Ubuntu 18.04.

After a little cursuory google searching, I came across a few articles which documented my problem exactly. The solution being to disable the C6 power state. An in depth review of the C6 state can be found here. The tl;dr is that it allows for saving the state of the CPU and lowering the voltage of the CPU to use less power while the computer is idle.

One of the ways of disabling the C6 state is to disable it in the BIOS. This was the easiest solution for me.

After about 3 weeks, I haven’t had any issues with my system. The tradeoff here, though, is that it will use more power. This is an acceptable tradeoff for me as I value my system being up and able to serve content or run my background jobs.